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Anyone order from NYC Powerseller?

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good or bad experience?

also, after searching for good warranties, Sears is looking pretty good. every 11 months they will clean the panel inside and out, update firmware, and ensure its still performing as it should. is this usually included in extended warranties regarding LCDs?
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thanks man
I ordered from NYC Powerseller a few times and got good service. I got a 4 year extended in home warranty for a great price. The warranty and the TV combined were a lot less than the cost of the TV alone in Best Buy and Circuit City.
Unfortunately I had a bad experience with them. Ordered a samsung led tv from their website during the black friday weekend. Upon checking out, the total price for the tv plus shipping was reasonable.

However, after waiting for an email confirmation, finally chatted with their customer service via their website, and they were of no help! Then I sent an email to their customer service to confirm I was going to receive an email confirmation.

Not until 7pm (while having dinner) did someone from their customer service call me. Needless to say, by this point I was very frustrated. To make matters worse, this customer service rep, who woudln't even give me his name tried to upsell me other products that I told him I didn't need. After about 5 minutes of telling him I only wanted the tv, he tells me that there is going to be an insurance fee added to my purchase!

I tried to explain to him that the insurance fee should have been listed on the website during the checkout process. However he went on tell to me that I should have read more closely to the fine print!

By this time I was so mad, I felt like I was trying to be swindled. So I told him to cancel my order. He was nice enough to cancel my order, but only after he told me to check their website again after christmas for more deals!

Their customer service is a joke, and I would not recommend anyone to do business with them. I ended up going to the nearest best buy having the product shipped their and picking it up myself for LESS than what powersellernyc was going to charge me.
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