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1- just curious if anyone else here had ordered an onix x-sub lately for the preorder date of 2/15/07. reason being is i ordered mine monday night and the site stated preorder for 2/15/07 as does my confirmation email. but, yesterday i was poking around the av123 site and now see the preorder date is now 3/08/07. i'm hoping this means the preorder for february is now filled and i got in just in the nick of time. also that it doesn't mean the ETA on units was pushed back. have emailed cutomer service but, no response yet. if thats the case don't think i could wait any longer on it and have to entertain other options.

anyhow thats it just curious if anyone knew of the 2/15/07 preorder x-sub status.

2- seems to be my luck this week though. my new mission surrounds and center were supposed to be here today and now looking at the tracking on the UPS site they have been delayed due to a "train derailment". also another package i'm expecting which was shipped via UPS has been in the "billing info" received stage for 3 days now. doing a quick "ups train derailment" google search shows there was a train derailment near a UPS hub in kentucky last week that is causing the delays. maybe a heads up for anyone expecting delivery of anything.
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