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I've tested Enlightor-Bright (EN-B) and Enlightor-4K (EN4K) using small samples. I'm planning a 140"w 2.35 screen and will sit a little over 12 feet away. From that distance I could not see the texture of the EN-B (which is significantly more textured than the EN4K, but I couldn't really see the texture after about 10 feet).

Given my relatively large screen I highly prefer the higher gain of the EN-B, which is approximately 32% brighter than the EN4K (I measured the samples). The EN-B material is spot washable and feels more durable than the EN4K, which I consider a bonus.

From my testing on a VW95 at 1080p I definitely preferred the EN-B considering it was brighter and I couldn't see the texture. However, this was at 1080p on a pj putting out just 300-some lumens. When I go to a 4K projector such as the VW600 or VW1100 I am wondering if the bright image (1500+ lumens) is going to make the EN-B texture more visible. Also I'm wondering if the EN-B will do as good of a job with 4K as it seems to do with 1080p. I wonder because with the pixels for 4K being 1/4 the size it seems like there could be more opportunity for the pixels to lay on the texture a bit differently and perhaps make the texture more visible in the process.

Does anyone out there have the EN-B screen, and if so, are you using it with 4K? What size is it and how do you like it? There seem to be a fair number of people out there that have the EN4K, but I'm not finding much mention at all in AVS threads about the EN-B...

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