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Anyone own Axiom M-80s?

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Nowhere do I see commentary here re Axiom M-80s, $1330 per pair in the U.S., which get good reviews in the mags. I'm considering them for rears and would like to read posts by anyone who has heard them. How do they compare with Paradigm Studio 100s, $2500 per pair, Monitor Audio RS8s, $1499 per pair, or even B and W Nautilus 805s or B-W 805S, $2500 per pair? You don't see them for sale on Ebay, which means either no one buys them or everyone who does likes them and is not selling them. They do need plenty of power.
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I have seen write-ups on them over at audioreview do-t com. The smaller bookshelves M2 V2 did very well in a shoot out on audioholics, tied for first with a pair of Klipsch Reference, so if the same engineering goes in to the M-80's they should be a sweet pair. Axiom offers 30 day in home trial and it will only cost you return shipping to insure that they meet your needs. BTW there are 2 pairs of them up for sale on Videogon now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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