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Anyone own KWORLD ATSC 330U??

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Kworld 330U (no linky as I'm new user and can't link till 5 posts, but search for it on Newegg.)

Anyone own this? I am trying to decide on what USB 2.0 HDTV tuner to get. I've read upon some on FujiPlus one. Thanks for the inputs guys.
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sorry can't answer your question,

but thought you should at least give it a try from your local Fry's as it is on sale!
I have this and it does a decent job if you've got a high horsepower machine as there is no hardware encoder. It only handles over the air digital. It has both and analog and a digital tuner and is much better than the board based KWorld products. The antenna it comes with works pretty well for me if I place it near a window facing the direction of the source signal but you'd probably want to invest in a better antenna. It does it's job pretty well, but I'd suggest looking elsewhere if you are looking for a tuner for a good HTPC setup though.
Works well with my laptop (Hp-Compaq nc8230 1.86ghz centrino 1.5gigs of ram)

i live in the atlanta area and i pull in 19 stations (some are duplicates) very well.

works great with beyondtv and the arcsoft software it comes with. i seemed to have a problem with sage and gb-pvr it seems these programs might need a little more horsepower. i highly recommend beyondtv.

currently $40 rebate

cnet the cheapskate
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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