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Anyone playing Middle earth 2?

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I just bought the gmae from a buddy today for 5 bucks and was interested in seeing if anyone on here plays this game
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Is that the RTS one? If so, that game rocks online and there's a lot of us who play it still. My buddy just bought it to, so I've recently gone back to it
I have it but don't like to play online. Everyone rushes and i never really caught on about how to rush i lose every time. i do like to play skirmishes against the computer who i must say is still a lot better than me. Only if i'm lucky can i beat a medium difficulty computer on a map that doesnt have a fortress(i.e. Isengard, Minus Morgul, Helms deep, Minas Tirith etc.). on those maps i can beat a brutal AI but only because i start the game with perfect defenses and have time to build my army. it's a game i play when im bored and have a lot of time on my hands.
I just bought LOTR:BFME when I got Lost Planet. I was thinking of putting it in today. I hear its good.
This looked like a really good game, I had it but traded it back in, as far as RTS I kinda prefer the C & C games. have fun with it I know I'm missing out
The online strategy for all RTS's is "BASE RUSH"....its been that way nearly forever and is one reason I never got into RTS's online, kinda like how all multiplayer FPS's always turned into a rush-for-the-rocketlauncher bunnyhopping fest.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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