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Anyone tried a Marigo Labs Stealth DVD Mat?

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Not sure which forum this belongs in, but has anyone tried a Marigo Labs Stealth DVD Mat in their DVD player?

Will it really "greatly enhance picture detail and dimensionality", and if so, what's the tech theory behind it?


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$100 for that thing? You'd be better off with the green El-Marko pen!

Sounds like 100% Pure Snake Oil to me...
Well, 99 and 44/100ths percent snake oil at the very least.
LOL! I notice there's no reviews posted about the "mat". I couldn't find specs on any of the products they sold except high prices (and cable lengths).

Well I'm glad everyone else is as sceptical as I am about this - yeah, right... $100... !!! :D

The only thing that made me stop and wonder, was that reviews on the Secrets website mention the CD counterpart to this.....

... mind you this dude also uses something called a Bedini Ultraclarifier to centrifugally wash his CD's before playing them..... wonder if I should wash my DVDs.....:D
Hey! Lookie! I found a mat for 50% less!

We need an A/B. :)

It claims to help reduce read problems and therefore reduce the amount of error correction processing needed (CDs have lots of error correction info). I can believe that. But, when they say better musicality, I start to be very suspicious.... :)

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