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Anyone using Mediacoder for converting .flv

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I'm trying to convert .flv files so I can stream them to the PS3 using either Tversity or WMP11. I'm stuck.... Mediacoder has a bunch of options for format and then container and I'm not sure which to pick. When I do pick I get no file output after it transcodes.

Is there an easier way to do what I'm trying to do.

Well I noticed that the .flv files just download as file types and when I right click and rename it .mpeg it plays in WMP11. Is it that easy? I'll have to see tomorrow if it plays in the PS3.
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How did just changing the extension work out?

Another thing you can try doing is change the Video scaler to an appropriate output in Mediacoder, such as 800 X 600. I've not tried outputting to 720/1080 yet, but I've got to do some further testing. Does the PS3 playback such files fullscreen or as their original dimensions (i.e., 320 X 240, 640 X 480, etc.)?

Oh yeah, you can also increase the volume in the settings. I default to +15db.
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