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Anyone Using Monoprice Hdmi Switcher With Their Hd-a1

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I WANTED TO BUY A HDMI SWITCHER AND THE ONE MONOPRICE HAS IS VERY TEMPTING, but is anyone actually using one of these with their hd-a1? are there any problems with dropped signals ect any answers would be greatly appreciated thanks!!
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I just received this switcher http://www.octavainc.com/HDMI%20switch%205port.htm but have yet to connect it up to my system. When I do I will post how it works for me. I needed a switcher that would "auto switch" without using the remote.
I used the search engine and came up with this thread asking about all switchers used with this player:


Then I used the search within a thread engine and came up with this post:


Tried the Monoprice 5x1 last night. It worked very well for all sources (Sources mentioned in post above). Possibly a little slower (
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I use the 5x1 switcher and it has been better than direct connect to a couple of projectors with HDMI inputs as far as HDMI issues. The HD-A1 can still get the HDMI error, but overall going through the Monoprice switcher helps avoid cases where the HD-A1 and projector don't sync well with each other.

I have the 5x1, and it has been fine for audio and video so far.

As Usual You Guys Had The Answers, I Love This Sight, It Makes Hard Decisions Easy, Thanks Again. I Will Be Picking Up A 5*1 Tonight. Is The Hd-a1 Frickin Awesome Or What I Haven't Had A Single Problem And Load Times Don't Bother Me A Bit, But That Is For Another Thread Peace Out.
I just received mine yesterday as a matter of fact, the HDX-501. I didn't get to fire up the XA1 I have, but I used the switch with my SA 8300HD and it seemed to work fine...I don't expect the XA1 to have a problem with it either....just wish they had a rack-mountable version. i may be picking up zektor's new switch and figured for the price of this monoprice unit, i couldn't go wrong.
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