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Anyone with a Samsung DVD HD-841 yet?

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I saw them in stock at Best Buy tonight and was wondering if anyone has taken the plunge yet. If so, what are your thoughts so far?
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you saw the 841 on the floor? did you see if it had dcdi? and what was the price?
Which location in Thousand Oaks? Are you sure it was the 841 and not the older 931? That just seems odd to me because no one else has gotten even a shipping date, and Best Buy doesn't even show the model on the internet nor does the store in West Hollywood show them coming in anytime soon.
Best Buy salesman here in Seattle told me the 841 was arriving any day now and that the 941 a week from now.
Wow...that is weird. I pre-ordered mine from OneCall, they have no info. Actually one guy told me June 1, then another guy told me they dont have a date and it could come anytime in the Summer. The Best Buy guy I asked at the brand new store in West Hollywood said it wasn't even in the computer. I wonder who is right....
Neil of TV Authority has just announced a powerbuy for the new Sammy DLP's. He said he did not include the 941 in a bundle as Sammy has been all over the place on shipping dates. He doesn't have enough confidence on when it will be available to include it. First TV's to ship are the 50" model and that may happen in the next two to three weeks. Use this info any way you wish to predict the 941 release. My Amazon order still says shipping July 12-16, which is probably useless information.
Well, went to my West Hollywood location...they have the 841, and it doesn't have DCDi. Now my question is this....If I have a Samsung DLP with DCDi then does it really matter if the 841 has it or not? Vinc doesnt have DCDi and people think the pic looks great...I just don't know anything about it.
Yes it was on the floor at the Thousand Oaks store. There was a demo unit (not hooked up to anything) and 3 boxed units. And yes, it was a 841 and not a 931. I did not notice if it had DCDi or not, but maybe it is just like the Samsung DLP's were the 507 was advertised with DCDi and the 5065 was not although they both had it.
Played a bunch of discs that the first 931 I got and the current Vinc D1 had problems playing...the 841 plays them fine. No problems. The problem I found is that when I put DVE in and put up the brightness settings, the player still has that clipping problem, doesn't pass below black. It has a black level setting in the menu, but with DVI on the black level setting is stuck at off. So I have 30 days with this player from Best Buy, I will get a D2 and see if it passes below black. If so then adios 841, baring no loader problems with the D2.
I guess I made right decision, ordering both 841/941 for low price from amazon..I can return 841 unopened, as it does not have DCDI as advetized by amazon!!

Unless some one wants to take over?
Zoro, why not just cancel the 841 right now, before it ships? Otherwise, you might have to pay to ship it back.

Maxvengence, how does the PQ look? If you didn't have a DVE disk and didn't know about blacker than black, how would you rate the actual picture? Although people have complained about the Samsung 931 with other TVs, most who use it with a Samsung DLP seem to love it (most don't know about blacker than black).
Well, here is the thing...I do have the Samsung DLP. And during the DVE where Kane explains the quality of video with LCD or DLP he says something about how they have a hard time showing blacker then black...or something like that. I need to watch it again, I didn't understand everything he had to say, but maybe thats why Samsung makes their DVD players like that. I dont know...From the little I have watched the Player looks good.

Could you please put a 4:3 aspect ratio disc in the the 841 watch it via DVI on your Sammy DLP? There's a bunch of us who would like to know if Samsung has fixed the stretch issue from the 931.


How is the construction of the HD-841? As seen in the smallish pictures the panel *looks* like a thick slab of machined, brushed aluminum.
I just picked up an 841 in West Hollywood. I had a Momitsu V880 which I just sold. The colors are different and I lent my DVE and AVIA discs to a friend, so I can't get a perfect comparison. Off the cuff, picture quality seems comparable, but a slight notch below. The biggest advantage of the Samsung is that it operates normally. There's no quirks like the v880. It responds well to IR commands and will play both CD's and DVD's without any trouble. That's a nice change - when you're used to the v880.

It doesn't have DCDi, but neither did the v880. There are a few scenes in the Matrix revolutions that bad deinterlacing will show up - such as the Oracle scene before burly brawl. The edges around faces and other objects were very clean.

My TV is the Sony KF-60XBR950 and after reviewing a handfull of DVD's, I'm noticing the same color space problem the 931 suffered. The green tint problem is still there and blacks lack definition. Build quality is typical of a "cheapo" DVD player these days. The face plate is very impressive though and it looks clean. Better than both the Momitsu and the 931.

Unfortunately, with crushed blacks and DVI color space issues, the 841 appears to be nothing more than a 931 with DVD Audio and SACD capability - and it still won't play nice with Sony LCD's.
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I just picked up one of these tonight and have to say that I'm not impressed. The inability to pass blacker than black through DVI made for a picture that just looked undefined and soggy, if you can understand that. Comparing it to the $60 Samsung p241 (which I got as a stop-gap until these better players started coming along), I was much happier with the picture on the 241 (through componant vs. the DVI input of the 841). It was ever-so-slightly softer, but also much smoother and less noisy. I have to say that this 841 is going straight back to Best Buy in the morning.

I compared the 841 in 480p, 720p and 1080i, and each increase in "resolution" also increased the visible noise and edginess in the image. And just before anyone asks, I was viewing on a Toshiba 50H13 RPTV. Hopefully this player will work better with DLP or plasma displays, but I'm pretty disappointed.

As to the question about 4:3 material, there is a feature in the new Samsungs called EZ letterbox remover that takes care of this. A cycle through this button will vertically stretch non-anamorphic widescreen discs to properly fit a 16:9 display and also pillar-box a 4:3 image with black bars on each side. The 841 has this and it DOES work through DVI. Luckily the p241 also has this feature and when directly compared to the Panasonic RP91 (where this feature was much beloved) the 241 kept up every step of the way.

Hopefully others will have better stories about the 841, I'm really sorry that I wasn't more taken with it after all this waiting.

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Does the 841 have the lip sync issue like the 931 did?
Does the manual mention anything about supporting 768p output via DVI, and if so, is it 1366x768p or 1280x768p?
The lip sync was the first thing I looked for and my model does not have it yet with the discs I've played. I don't think it says anything other then it supports 768p...sorry
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