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Anything you may know about the HK3480

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Ok my Dad is getting his HK3480 some time next week and I wanted to know if there was anyone who had some first hand (or any) experience with this receiver that I can pass on to him. My dad is a traditional kinda guy and sees it unnecessary to have alot of speakers all over the place. He is moving from a Carver Receiver that he has had for years and served him well. I have read a little from customers that the virtual surround feature is crap and I told him this and he doesn't seem to mind so that's out of the way. Any other kowledge I will appreciate for him, a retiring DIY-er himself who doesn't have the energy to go on with the race.
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for the money, I have no complaints with mine.

in fact, I think it's a steal. to get 120wpc at that price.
Nothing to pass on..

The 3480 is a great workhorse analog stereo receiver..

No fancy digital DSP processing or Room EQ software.

Conservative power specs, high current capable so it will drive almost.......

any loudspeaker..

Parallel speaker switching and simple remote control.
So this is a good buy. He will be glad to know that this is a stable amp and simple enough for him. He has a tendency to listen at very loud volumes (when he is jamming his James brown and Maceo). He also sent for a Denon DCD- 280 cd changer (refurbished). Anyone with word on that to can give me a head up on it .

it also has RDS for its tuner
Originally Posted by Wildcard26
Enlighten me on this ?
when your radio station transmits it's identity in text:

for example, the frequency 92.3 for me is shown as "Joey" (which is the radio station name)
If you add external amps like Audiosource amp, it soulds much better. That's my experience.
what speakers does he have? any chance of adding a subwoofer later?

what I like about NAD and HK stereo integrateds is the pre-out main in loop.

so you can add high pass filters like these


and get bass management.

it also has a sub out.
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Well the old man has like a pair of 15" Pro series JBL (I don't know the model nos)each in it's own 6 cubic foot enlosure with 4 1/2 " midranges and 1" textile domed tweeters (both Phillips). He built these a couple of years aback, sorta like his retiring DIY. I suggested using the old Carver for a Sub amp but he shrugged that idea off and says he doesn't have time for that any more and leaving that to the younger folk like me. Besides I think he may use the sonic hologram from the carver between the Pre/Power loop. I like that tuner feature though.
So my dad got his receiver today and I went to the parent's place for an audition. The tonal quality is much different compared to the Carver. I could only best describe it as a nice balance between deep, round bass and hard kicking bass. Sorta like in the middle. It sounds great. and has alot to offer in the feature set. The tone controls are very good but dad agrees but still misses his midrange control that he has but he'll live. It is sexy as hell. He also got his Denon DCM 280. I find it a bit slow to change discs but it will do for the use it is to be put to. Overall I am impressed by this 2-channel receiver. I find it solid and very efficient. Goes to show that good old stereo ain't dead. Got me to thinking about making my next AVR a Harmon Kardon. Cheers to all for your input.
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