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I was wondering if there was anyway to connect to a Dish VIP722 over my wire network? Or to extend the coaxial signal over the network?

Situation : I have a HD satellite on my house and was interested in using a HD DVR in my barn. The distance is too far to run a coaxial cable from one location to the other and for 1 Dual tuner DVR its hard to justify an additional satellite and account. I have a wired network that connects the 2 buildings and was curious if there was a way to use that to bridge the gap somehow?

I know that slingbox makes the Slingbox ProHD and a Sling Catcher, but its hard to justify $500 in hardware to connect a $300 receiver. Is there any other options out there ? I don't really have a need for watching tv over the internet or my computer & etc so most of the slingbox's other features are useless to me.

Thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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