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You might look at Blue Grass Home Entertainment w w w . b g h e . c o m

I was there last year and they had several Berklines. I don't know about Coasters though.

I was in Barney Miller's yesterday (Jan 25) and they are in the process of getting a new line of seats and don't really have anything to buy until the new line arrives (supposedly in 2 weeks). I seriously doubt that they will have the Coaster line in any case. Their new line will be slightly more expensive than the Berklines.

If you find any place that has theater seats to sit in, give me a PM. I'm 6'2 and looking for Berkline 91 & 99 to try. I was planning on going by BGHE last Fri. but the funeral of a family acquantance unexpectedly took priority.

Good luck

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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