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Apogie 5x1 HDMI Switch HSW0501 sporadic video and crackling with BDP-S350 and 606

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I just picked up this 5x1 apogee HSW0501 switch on amazon.. I get video and audio from my DVR and 1080p PC inputs.. but only sporadic input from the Sony BDP-S350..

The basic setup is this..

Samsung HLT-6187S HDMI3 to receiver's (onkyo 606) TV HDMI output...

I have the 5 port switch with all the hdmi's going into it and the output from that going into the receivers HDMI cable input..

The picture and audio seems to cut in and out with the Sony for some reason..

Anyone familiar with this switch?

I'm using HDMI 1.3 (B i think) cables from monoprice.. (i believe they are all the 28awg gauge variety, either 6 foot or 9, definitely 6 foot for the one going to the bdray).

I probably have a 9 foot cable going from the tv to receiver.. then a 6 footer going from the receiver to the hdmi switch box.. and 6 footers between the devices and the hdmi switch (these were the only length cables i had on hand)..

Thats a net distance of maybe 21 feet over 28AWG...

If it is a cable issue, i guess i could get shorter cables or increase the gauge to 24

I switched to the same length cable but a black one that is hdmi 1.2 i believe and all was fine now with the sony player.. ill have to try a shorter length cable or higher gauge perhaps..

However.. even bigger of an issue is that the cable coming from my HTPC into the switch isnt passing the audio.. it worked fine directly in the receiver before though.

Thanks for any info.
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That depends on what your switch is doing to the EDID data. I think it would have to clone the EDID data to each port or you'd have a problem when the non active source thinking it doesn't have anything connected to it. It may not clone all of it, or something.
Anyone used this HDMI switch or others.. and found that their volume levels on the receiver had to be increased to compensate?

I swear mine have been higher since attaching the 5 port switch, but maybe i'm just imagining this.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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