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I was browsing ebay, and noticed there are quite a few projector screen materials out there that are quite textured.. A few decades ago, I worked in the AV (Audio Visual) club in high school, and know those screens were extremely smooth. So, not wanting to 'see' any of these textures on my DIY screen, I decided to try a few things out.. I bought a white cloth backed tablecloth, a 'wrinkle free' 400 thread count white sheet, and a pair of roll down shades. Everything but the sheet has a slightly different texture front to back. Well, it's kinda funny and frustrating at the same time: I can't get the creases out of my sheet! And surprisingly, it has quite the nice picture as a rear projection screen... I wasn't happy with the tablecloth: the material was too reflective. It'd probably be OK if you angled it towards the lower-reflecting surface(ceiling or floor). The 2 shades are both PVC with slightly different textures to them, and I'll try them both tonight. I tried 2 secondhand stores hoping to find a large heavy rod with thick fabric instead of the plastic I ended up with.. no luck.

I took apart an old roll down shade, working off of the premise that if it is capable of working vertically, it could easily hold the same amount of material repositioned horizontally. I used 2 cheap mop handles with a small copper pipe to connect them. I had to wrap the pipe with a bit of duct tape to get it nice and snug, then wrapped the whole assembly in electrical tape. Nice and strong, no sagging. The spring mechanism needs to be re-anchored though. It worked fine the first few pulls, then came loose. I'll include the fix tonight.

What I'm hoping for here are the best options for a 100+ inch screen, 49 x 87 (I think) covers either 4:3 or 16:9. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The screen material used must cost under $30, and must be rolled for storage.. With a budget this low, the goal is to have a readily available screen for any location.. Something like this can be left in your garage, or shed, or cottage by the beach.. and, while it won't compete with $200+ screens, it'll still be an enjoyable experience, and no big loss if wrecked by sticky fingers, campfires, or obnoxious tipsy friends.. Somebody out there has found a fantastic material for this project. Let's share them before the great outdoor season begins.... I also have a frosted shower curtain I'll be trying out, just for my own curiosity.. I'll include that result tonight too.
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