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Apple Digital Master

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Apple has rebranded Masters for iTunes, Apple Digital Masters. (ADM)


By starting with the best possible masters we are able to offer our Apple Music and iTunes customers the highest possible quality audio. Our latest encoder can take advantage of every bit of the high-resolution masters that engineers are creating especially for us. The results, both for streaming and download, are virtually indistinguishable from the original 24 bit studio masters.
I noticed for, for about two or three days, Apple Music titles were displaying the Apple Digital Masters badge. (I added several Blue Note Jazz titles that showed the badge) This no longer the case. When I browse the iTunes store it shows on just about every title that I have added to my library. It would be nice to know what titles are ADM's. This appears to be Apples answer to Tidal and Qobuz, etc. for their hi res audio tiers. AFAIK they sound excellent. Has anyone else had a chance to listen to any Apple Digital Master titles, and how do they compare to Tidal's MQA titles?
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It's still 256kpbs AAC. If you think it sounds competitive with high resolution you could save yourself a lot of money and hassle by forgoing high res entirely (I'm good with FLAC/CD myself).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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