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I have the following:

- Apple TV (3)

- Projector with Audio Ports / Component / S-Video / HDMI

- Stereo (receiver) which has most inputs but NOT digital

My problem is to get sound when I use my iphone/ipad to airplay.

Currently I connect my Apple TV to my projector via HDMI cable - but since my projector has no sound I cannot hear a thing. The apple TV has optical audio but my stero has no optical input.

So my options I was thinking of:

1) Get some adapter to convert optical audio to stereo

2) Get an airplay speaker (which is my ideal solution if this works?) and connect the apple tv to the speaker (if this is possible) or even better (if possible) play sound via airplay. But not sure if apple tv can show video from one device and send audio to another one to output

3) any other option?

I dont really want to buy a new stereo or projector. Too pricey.

Any thoughts?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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