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Hi folks --

I realize that title is a little broad, so let me narrow it down. I was considering the Epson 8350, but I saw that people here were suggesting the 8345 was superior -- and I thought you might be able to suggest something even more appropriate for my needs.

My first use of this projector will be an art project involving rear projection at close range (30" or so image is fine). Because of the close range (and tight quarters) I anticipate needing the horizontal shift. HDMI a must. It will be in an art gallery, so lower noise would be better, as well as some kind of energy-saving mode.... Of course as usual for sharpness, brightness, and contrast, more=better.

Also, I was wondering if anyone knows if vertical projection is a problem with any models?

(Naturally, I’d like to use the projector for other things afterwards but this project is really important!)

Thanks in advance!
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