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Today's Show:

A lot of emphasis is traditionally placed on buying the best equipment you can afford for your home theater. Ask just about anyone and they’ll tell you to stretch your budget as far as you can, dig deep to make sure you’re getting the right receiver or amplifier, buying those outrageously expensive speakers or paying too much for speaker wire or interconnects. If you do that, your home theater will sound amazing and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

We also discuss:
  • OPPO Digital BDP-103 Giveaway Winner Announced!
  • Netflix coming to HTML5 just as soon as the DRM ducks are in a row
  • Why did you (or will you) choose LCD over plasma?
  • Panasonic vows to go all in on 4K/Ultra HD by 2014
  • Time Warner Cable adds live channels to TV Everywhere menu
  • Gloves come off: FOX and CBS battle Internet TV company Aereo
  • Seiki officially prices its 50-inch 4K TV at $1,500
  • LG's curved OLED TVs will ship in 2013's second half

and a lot more...

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