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Today's Show:
If you have been with us for a while you know that we have been testing powerline adapters since the beginning. Our first product claimed that it could achieve 85Mbps. And in a controlled world it probably could, but in our homes we were lucky that we got 10Mbps. Still at the time, that was enough bandwidth to support Blu-ray players that didn’t come with built in WiFi. Fast forward to today and almost every device in your home theater needs an Internet connection and almost all come with WiFi. That should be good right? Well with all these connected devices and all your neighbors running wireless routers WiFi may not actually be enough, Especially if you want to stream 4K content.

We also discuss:
  • Sony 4K TVs Get Android TV, Expanded Color Gamut
  • Netflix wants original content to be "as broad as human experience"
  • HDMI FAQ: Audio Return Channel
  • Quirky needs your Wink Hub back after a botched security update

and a lot more...

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