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I just picked up a pair of speakers and the previous owner was certain they were AR's but all the paper on the speakers is gone. When I pull off the grill there is a stamp with July 1967 and a serial # starting with 10- then 5 other numbers. According to the previous owner he completely replaced the original 10" woofers with a Warrior 10" and has done nothing else to the rest of the speaker. I hooked these up to my Yamaha 367 and they sound awesome. I had a set of Polk monitor 50's hooked up before and the AR's certainly suck up a lot more juice but the difference in clarity is quite substantial. Can anyone verify by the serial #'s if I am correct about these being AR 2ax's? There is a 10" woofer and I believe the other 2 speakers are a tweeter and a super tweeter but I don't know for sure. Is it unusual for this speaker to sound so good with no work on the tweeters or electrical components?

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