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Just recently purchased the Samsung 60" HU8550 which has the ARC HDMI input. I have an HDMI connected to my Pioneer Elite VSX-50 TV Out.
I've gone into both the TV and Receiver settings and enabled the HDMI control and ARC. The receiver states you have to have HDMI control turned on before you can access ARC.

I'm streaming 4k through Netflix directly from my TV since 4k won't encode through the Pioneer Receiver via PS4. The only bad thing about this is my ARC isn't working.

I'm pretty sure I have the settings setup properly. What I'm not sure about is if the receiver needs to be on a certain input. Normally, the receiver stays on the HDMI input that my PS4 is connected through. If the PS4 isn't on but I have Netflix streaming on my TV, shouldn't the sound come through the receiver?
I hope I'm doing something wrong here, because the only other issue I can see is the wires and connections.

Here is my connection string...

I'm hoping the length isn't an issue, since I went with a larger gauge HDMI. I don't see any issues with video between my receiver and TV. I'm waiting on a 24AWG HDMI cable to arrive so I can swap out the 28AWG cable to see if this makes a difference. I understand there are quite a few more connections that you may want, but unfortunately this was about the best solution I could come up with considering distance and clearances. The 90deg connector is needed since the larger gauge HDMI is too large to bend behind the TV since the ARC HDMI input sticks directly out the back of the TV and not down like some of the other inputs.

Any suggestions or thoughts will be appreciated!

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In addition to having HDMI-CEC/Control enabled on both TV and AVR, the TV must also be set to pass TV audio to "external speakers"/"home theater". If HDMI(ARC) is working correctly, the AVR will automatically switch to the TV Audio source when both TV and AVR are powered on and you should hear the TV audio via the AVR's speakers. If still no joy, consider instead connecting an optical cable from the TV to the AVR.
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