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Since it doesn't appear that Twin Galaxies will be including our high scores any time soon I thought we could just compete with each other for fun. I will update this thread with the rules we all agree on as they occur.

Anyone else that has one of these units and wants to join in please post your thoughts.

I will maintain the High Scores list (link below). To get your scores added post a picture of your score and send me a PM so I know I need to update the list. The picture will need to be clear enough to easily read the score and far enough from the screen to identify that the game is being played on an AL or UA unit.

Here is the High Scores list (very basic right now I will add scores as they are sent to me). It currently has two sheets: 'Factory Default Settings' for the original settings and 'Easiest Settings' (I have set most of my games to maximum number of lives, lowest score for additional lives, etc.)
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