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Arcam Av9 or Aragon Stage One

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I would appreciate owners or anybody's advice/opinion, and knowledge about the performance/sound of the Arcam Av9 or the Aragon Stage One. I'm trying to decide which one of these processors to buy, the Av9 is a demo and the Stage One is new unit. I'm not concerned about the video performance such as HDMI etc.; I run all my video connection from the source directly to my Pioneer television, so it's all about the sound quality of these units.

I have Paradigms speakers, studio 40/b, cc-590b, and adp-590/b. and the Gemstone amp.

I personally have not listen to either of these processor, so my decision will be base from my reading info, and from your comments.

Thanks, Tim
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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