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Hi all,

wondering if anyone has compared the Arcam to a dedicated integrated amp for 2 ch performance.

First off,I must say how thrilled I am by the Arcam in 2ch.The reason I am asking is thinking of getting an up to date receiver for blu ray and then get an integrated amp to incorporate into my system.

Basically,I dont want to go backwards in 2ch and was wondering where to start as far as integrateds go?

The other option is stick with what I have and get blu ray with analogue out.

I know some of you would be thinking:any integrated is gonna sound better than an AV receiver or processor but the Arcam is very very good and compared to the Rotel pre/pro I had before there is no comparison.

Should mention that I am using a rotel RMB 1075 amp to power it,bi-amping a pair of Dali Suite 2.8's

All thoughts appreciated
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