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am borrowing this player from my dealer for a few days to see how i like it.. It sounds great on Jazz, Classical, Vocals etc.. having a little more difficult time getting it to sound good on Rock music and some pop music.. .. but it sounds the most natural and analog-like of any CD player i have heard (at least of what i own now ---> Pioneer Elite DV-38A DVD/CD player, Oppo 980, and my Mcintosh LD/CD player!

I have the Arcam hooked up with Kimber PBJ (sounds better than the Monster Reference 2 IC -- at least on this player.)

Rest of my players have Monster refernce 2 IC's and sound great on rock music. Monster IC Ref2 didnt match well with the Arcam.

Is there a better upsampling player that has a higher upsampling and sounds this good and analog like on everything? Or am i crazy? Becasue this Arcam is the best sounding Cd player i have had in my system (Yamaha rx-v2700 receiver, Monster Z2 Speaker Cables) Its just that i wished it sounded a tad better on Rock and some Pop music.. But jazz, classical OMG i never heard my Jazz, classical etc cd's sound this close to my LP's!!!!! Thanks for any help or advice
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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