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so i'm having all sorts of difficulty figuring out a good dvd option. I know, this should be my biggest problem in life, right?

anyway, i have a pioneer 1140 and an arcam avr350 receiver. I currently have a Sony NS90v and on wednesday purchased a Denon 1930ci from a dealer with a no-questions asked return policy to see first-hand about the MB issue with the faroudja chip. I don't like the sony deck very much. I find the picture pretty flat and its audio section is perfectly mediocre. i let the arcam decode 2 channel audio and that part is fine. i do listen to sacd's and the sony is just average, imo, on sacd playback.

the PQ of the denon is pretty nice over both component (480i) and upconverted 720p. but on some discs, especially concert videos, i get substantial macroblocking. it's unfortunate because otherwise i like the PQ of this box. But i will be returning it before my 30 days are up. I also see some ghosting of the letterbox in 2.35:1 material.

so i'm trying to figure out my options in SD-DVD playback. I'd like to go to the 2930, but i'm not sure about spending ~$850 on a deck right now. However, i think the audio section of the 1930 is pretty good, so i expect even better performance out of the 2930.

I'm also thinking of going used a getting an arcam dv27 or 27a. it's not the best solution as i'd still be going with the ns90v for sacd playback. so in that regard the 2930 seems like the better option. However, the reviews of the PQ at 480i on the dv27 are really outstanding and i think the scaler/de-interlacer in the plasma would probably do a good job.

does anyone have experience with the dv27 and current generation plasmas? would love to hear some feedback. I'm sure it's highly unlikely, but if anyone has seen both the 2930 and dv27 on the same display, i'd love to hear your thoughts.

any other suggestions are also greatly appreciated. as you can see, i am not afraid of purchasing used, so feel free to give me suggestions of other used gear that may be a good fit.

sorry for the long post.

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