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Arcam or Outlaw

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I am trying to chose between ordering a Outlat seprates set-up - 990 & 7125 or

Arcam AVR300....I may try to pony up the funds for the Arcam Seprates If I felt a little left out. Moving away from a Yam DSP-A1, I have NHT 2.9 / 1.5 speakers in a 20 x 25 ft room, New Sony 50" XSRD TV......

What should a young man do.....
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Unfortunately, I think in your large room the AVR300 will not have enough juice to drive those 87db NHT 2.9's.

I say unfortunately because I think the Arcam is a better match for the NHt's, as they will sound bright with the Outlaw unit. I think the Arcam will be a little more forgiving on that metal tweeter.

Personally, I would sell the NHT setup on Audiogon and get more sensitive speakers. Then you could buy the Arcam AVR300 at the steal of a price that it is .
I was hoping to use the spare set of amps to bi-amp the 2.9's. I have been doing that with a sa-3 sub amp from nht and have had plenty of juice.. My yamaha is dying and it is a bit bright. would the Arcam pre-amp / outlaw amps(due to cost) be a usable system?
You may need to biamp with the Arcam, and use the

Outlaw for the rears, Im not sure.

But the net effect of taking stress off of the

reciever would be similiar. I think it would give the arcam the extra headroom you need.
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