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Archer on FX

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Surprised no one has mentioned this as of yet. Funny stuff. Played straight, it's one of the funniest animated shows on TV right now. The first few weren't that good but they're getting much better. I highly recommend people give it a try if they like dry, witty satire.
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No one has talked about it because it sucks. The promos looked like it would great. I watched the first two episodes and then deleted the season pass.
I find it hilarious, but I guess that's just me. Btw, I love seeing animated shows in HD. They look so good.
I thought the pilot episode was hilarious and the rest have been pretty solid too. I was a fan of Sealab 2021 but thought that was kind of hit-or-miss.
Watched two episodes so far and like it! I know some shows take time to like, I didn't like the Venture bros series the first time I watched it. It took me several episodes to relate to it's pacing.
I've been DVRing it... but haven't had a chance to watch any yet.
I'm enjoying it for what it is: mindless entertainment. And I find it amusing. Didn't think I would, but I did.
As I said in my OP, the first few weren't that good but now they're really on a roll. Give it a shot.
I would watch a show where H. Jon Benjamin reads the phone book. He has the best voice.
Archer gets picked up for 13 more episodes (Season 2):


AJTTOTD: Most residential bathroom sink installations will not support nearly as much weight as you think.
excellent. the last few have had me rolling.
So is this show taking place during the "Cold War" '60s or during the modern era? It's so hard to be sure.
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Originally Posted by dan_o_00 /forum/post/18194545

I love it. The blimp episode was great.

"Rigid airship" damn it...
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I'm really enjoying this show so far.

Then again, I liked most of Sealab 2021 and I think Venture Bros is one of the best shows of the last decade. I wouldn't have tuned in if Fox didn't run a promo on their Sunday night lineup a week ago.

Originally Posted by FSugino /forum/post/18194743

"Rigid airship" damn it...

Mo matter what you call it, it's still just a big tinder keg waiting to ignite.
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Malory: “If there is a bomb, where would it do the most damage?”

Archer: “This new place called ‘Anywhere?’”
I absolutely love this show. Can't give it enough praise. So quick and dark. Can't wait for Thursday nights and so happy it got picked up for another season. Agree totally with the favorable comments about HD animation, Sealab 2021, and The Venture Bros. Great show.
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