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Arcsoft TMT 2D-3D vs. Power DVD 10 2D-3D?

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I have the TMT Software installed on my system with their 2D to 3D program installed also - BUT - I never use it, waste of $10 for me - does not impress on my Samsung 61A 750 DLP.

Have any of you seen Power DVD 10's similar program to compare with the Arcsoft version? IF so - please share your experience, is one better than the other or are they about the same?

TKS michael
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Most agree and think the 2D > 3D conversion in TV's and software is garbage and doesn't even compare to real 3D. There's always a few that like it.
TMT's Sim3D conversion is complete ****. It divides the image into thirds. The third at the bottom of the screen is closest to you, middle is screen depth, and top is behind the screen basically. Looks like crap.

Samsung's tech is the ****.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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