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ArcSoft TotalMedia Studio version

Bundled with ArcSoft Total Media Extreme 2.

. arcsoft.com/estore/software_title.asp?ProductCode=TME2

This software seems very user friendly and has plenty of features.

Everything works great except the menus after the dvd is burned.

I cannot get the menus created by this software to work when the dvd's are played in regular dvd players.

The first episode only will play.

Plus the up, down, left & right arrows on the remote will not move the cursor around the other episodes in the dvd main menu.


On another dvd player trialling the same dvd, the cursor will move around the other episodes but will not remain on any, it just jumps back to the first episode.

Has anyone experienced similar menu instability?

Everything works fine in the dvd menus during "preview" inside the software, it's after the burn that it all goes pear shaped.

I use DVD-R dual layer. Could it be that I need DVD+R?
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