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I find this very annoying. My LN46B650 Backlight option only allows me to choose a brightness level between 1 and 10. In comparison, my sister's LG LCD TV lets me choose the backlight level between 0 and 100; that's wonderful! During the day I want to set my Backlight in a number between 9 and 10, but I can't... If I choose 9 it is a little dark for my taste, but if I choose 10, it is way too bright. No joke, there is a HUGE difference in brightness just between 9 and 10. I wish I could choose something like 9.3 or something like that.

I read that setting the Backlight to 10 and lowering the Contrast does dim the image, and yes it does, but I feel that by doing this, I am losing detail in the white areas.

Anyway, is anyone else having a similar problem? How did you "solve" it? If I enter the Service Menu, will I be able to change such option? Please help me with this issue.
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