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I was just looking for a receiver to power my old logitech surround sound speaker system (no sub) in my computer room. In the next room I have an entertainment center with larger speakers and a harmon avs 347, so I really do not need anything too advanced here, but because of space limitations, I really would like a slim and not very deep receiver that I can place on top of the computer hutch or desk.

My only requirements besides size are 2 or 3 digital inputs. I ordered a cheap refurbished JVC RX-ES1SL which is 17 inches wide, and less than 3 inches high and 13 inches deep. It works well with my computer setup except for the horrible nonstop buzzing noise it makes when on. It definitely is coming from the receiver itself, not the speakers. Don't know if it's a fan or what but it's going to drive me crazy since I have it on all day. I've seen this complaint in scattered reviews around the web, so it will probably be the same even if I get a replacement.

Many of the jvc receivers are slim, are they all noisy like this? Can anyone recommend a similiar receiver that is more quiet?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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