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Are Anthony Gallo Micros's Right for me?

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Opinions appreciated.

18'Lx20'Wx8'H room with a small 5'Lx12'W 'alcove' behind the screen and speakers make this L-shaped room. So, essentially it's a 18x20' box in the 'theater' area. Wood floors. Now adding furniture, rugs, etc.

Sony DVP-S7000 DVD player

Marantz SR8000 A/V Receiver

Sanyo XP21N clone PJ

The WAF on the Gallo's are high so I'm thinking L-R-LS-RS Micro's and a Due on the floor for CC. I listened at a local dealer (where I can get them for $810 complete) and they sound great to my ears in a very small listening room in a two-channel setup.

So . . .

1. Anyone using the Gallo's in HT? I did a search and a few people seem happy with them but I'm not sure of their room size/setup.

2. Are they a good match to the Marantz SR8000?

3. Will 5' to the back wall (from where the front speakers will be placed) make a difference?

4. Should I try to talk her into something more substantial like Rockets or Diva's (or Bohlender Graebener Radia's that you can get at a killer price on the internet at times)?

Usage will be 75% HT/25% music.

What do you think?
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I think you might like the Gallo... My setup is a little different from what you are considering in that I have the Due' for FR, FL, and Center with Micros for the surrounds. Likewise my familarity with the Gallo sound relates more to the Due' than the Micro. But in general the sound is similiar. The Due' has a little better HF extension than the Micro, is more dynamic, and all around a better speaker; but it should be, considering it's cost. I was planning to get the same exact setup as you are considering but I found a real good deal on the Due', so I decided to put them up front. I'm sure you will be very happy with the Micros. If you go with the Gallo, are you considering the MPS-150 sub as well? It is a good little sub AND if you need a little sub it will work well with the Micros...but so too would any number of subs...some maybe even better.

If you need small speakers of the "lifestyle" variety then I think they are hard to beat.
Thanks RandyH!

Yes, I was thinking about the MPS-150 as well but my brother-in-law is giving me a big sub he used in his 'dj setup' that he no longer uses. IF it doesn't work well I'd go with the MPS-150.

What kind of deal did you get on the Due'? (PM me if necessary.)

I guess I'm most concerned about Gallo because of their small size. I don't absolutely NEED 'lifestyle' size but the WAF is high on them. Will I be missing something sonically vs. floorstanders or bookshelves given my room dimensions?
Also loook at the new gallo's coming out. They are called the A'Diva. Call gallo and find out when they will be released. They are alittle bigger, 5 inches instead of 4. They support full frequency though.
Thanks, I will call tm'w. Especially since I checked out the Gallo website FAQ and notice that my room size is a little larger than they recommend. Hmmmm.
I'd like to know about your Gallo deal, too.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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