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there are some newer bluray video's released by sony that are "mastered in 4K" ( eg, they are not 4K but normal HD 1080) and contain an enhanced color depth. it is a similar concept to the old "superbit" feature found on some older dvd's prior to the bluray format becoming available (and xvYCC will most likely be superceded by the new 4K 2020 higher color gamut now being standardized)

for this to work correctly with tv displays all elements in the video chain need to be compatible, eg the bluray player (most recent sony and panasonic bluray players can for ex., as well as the PS3), hdmi 1.3 connection, and a xvYCC compatible display (several sony tv's since 2013 can, and a number of other tv's from other brands are also able to process this correctly). many pc monitors that have an enhanced color gamut would also be compatible. some bluray players that dont mention this spec might also be compatible because the enhanced xvYCC information can be carried by a standard YCbCr 4.2.0 video signal, and they might "passively" pass through the extra xvYCC information as long as the hdmi connection is 1.3 and the display is compatible.

For HT use many of the current gfx cards are able to process this correctly (? since the 4000 series with ATI for ex), but because windows7 by default converts the bluray YCbCr 4.2.0. to RGB it would need to take account of the added chroma information or it will be lost. I havnt however been able to find a software video player for win7 that has been confirmed as being compatible with this xvYCC enhanced color space. from what i have read at doom9 forums, the madvr decoder might not be compatible ( madchi didnt give a clear answer when asked). i have searched for Totalmedia Theater and cyberlink features regarding this, but havnt found a confirmation either way.

Has anybody here tried to get this xvYCC format working on a HTPC ? what video win7 video players can correctly process this ?
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