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Starting this month, we have observed some LCD TV panels are swinging into tight supply, in particular sizes like 32”, 40”, and 42”, and for Chinese brands, as well as Samsung, LG and Sony. It appears that the tight supply situation could last for a few months, as panel makers are not committing to the allocations these brands requested until May or June. In fact, we now expect 2014 TFT demand area growth to be 7%, larger than TFT capacity area growth at 4%.

The most recent cycle of TV panel over-supply started in Q2’13, and panel prices have been falling since. Meanwhile, notebook and monitor panel supply has been tight since Q1’14 and panel prices have increased.

Another indication is that some TV panel makers, seeing orders that they cannot fulfill, are indicating that they intend to increase prices. This is in line with our expectation that as inventories fell, TV brands would start buying and put pressure on supply. In fact, in the October 2013 Monthly Large-Area LCD and PDP Pricing Report, we forecasted that the TV panel prices would stabilize in Q2’14 and potentially increase in 2H’14.

However, with just a few specific models tight right now, can we conclude that this is the start of the recovery for panel makers? Will TV panel prices increase from now on?

By : David Hsieh in DisplaySearch

read more : http://www.displaysearchblog.com/2014/03/are-panel-shortages-a-signal-of-coming-price-changes/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+DisplaysearchBlogDisplaysearch+%28DisplaySearch+Blog+%C2%BB+DisplaySearch%29
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