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Are subwoofers dangerous?

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If playing a movie, like War of the Worlds, loud enough to "like" it without trying to see how loud I can get it, is that safe? What about for a child? I know "like" is a subjective term, but so would the word "normal." I am thinking of getting the Mirage S12, but don't want my or my kids hearing damaged! Sounds silly perhaps, but was wondering if anyone had any information on this. Thanks.

Okay, the truth is I have a little baby, but I want a subwoofer to hear stuff blow up, but not at the expense of the infant's hearing! And I know if I asked the doctor they wouldn't have a clue so they would probably just say NO. From what I have read the human ear isn't that senstive to lower frequencies.

Help me.
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I would imagine if you're hitting over 100 decibels your infant may have some difficulties with that!!
Any speaker or headphone with too much volume can cause hearing loss over time.
Infants ears are much more sensitive, but the human ear is most sensitive to 1.5k-3khz.
It's dangerous if you stand too close to to the ports and get sucked in (or blown away)...

Originally Posted by TheHinge
Are subwoofers dangerous?
I dropped one on my toes once, it hurt. So, yes, they can be VERY dangerous.
Few people know that I was raised by a pack of wild subwoofers.

You either learn to respect their author-at-tee, or I'm-a gona home.
Here is a current thread about the same subject-from the porfessional sound perspective.

Dangerous to your checkbook maybe!
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