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I need a wall panel (or rather severel, which is why I would like to fined something inexpensive...), preferably learning capabilities, but if not I can program them on the Girder/USB-UIRT-setup, with power on/off, number keys, volume and regular transport. Has anybody seen something like that? I tried eBay with different search termes, but couldn't find anything at all there. So I would appreciate help!

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Hi Mastif,

I assume you're looking for panels that would attach to IR emitters for distribution to your gear.

I think these products might be a close fit. The small 'Pixie' panel / controllers are in the ~$200US price range. Here in Canada, Epson sells the Pixie Plus ( IR + rs-232 ) for just over $200 as a projector accessory in the Epson store. I tried looking at the Norwegian Epson site, but I was overcome by lack of Norwegian!

The Pixie Pro modular panel looks like what you're searching for, but it appears to be around $500 per panel.


You'd probably spend the same and get more flexibility using iPod Touch's / iPads as panels, and either iRule or Command Fusion software. You could use Global Cache iTachs for Wifi to IR ( or RS-232 ) in your equipment closet.




Hope this helps,


BTW, I'm Lise's ( from the JRMC interac board ) husband. Glad you're still CRTing ... so are we.
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