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Are there any OTA ATSC tuner cards that are as responsive as a STB?

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I've gotten quite used to my Scientific Atlanta 8300HD PVR. When I turn it on, it comes on immediately. (more or less). When I change channels, it takes less than a second.

I have an OnAir GT and under XP, I found it was quite stable. Occasionall, it would take a few seconds to start up while it was doing some sort of initialization though. Changing channels was reasonably fast.

What I found annoying was that sometimes, the device would somehow "lose" connection with the antenna and then I would have to reboot to reset the device. Even unplugging and replugging the USB wouldn't help.

Under Vista however, the stability is a lot worse.

Anyhow, I'd like to find an ATSC tuner that would be as reliable, stable and fast-tuning as a typical STB.

I'm considering these:

- Hauppauge HVR-1600

- Aver PCIe combo

- Dvico Fusion Express

- ATI TV Wonder 660

Would any of the above give me instant onm fast channel change, reasonable vista stability?
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I too, am looking at these cards, and hope to find a post here to guide my selection.

channel changing speed is a function of the software, not the tuner. all of those cards will tune a channel almost instantly.

try some different software.
i use vista mce and a hdhomerun and it seems faster than the built in tuner in the newest samsung plasmas
HDHomerun is as fast as my STB, supports QAM and ATSC.
It looks like I'm going to give the HDHomeRun a try.

I have two ethernet ports on my computer. One is used to hook up to my home network.

Should I be able to plug a HDHR directly into the second port using a crossover cable without plugging the HDHR into the network? (my router/switch is inconveniently located.
not unless your computer is running a dhcp server
Two options:

1) You can run a dhcp server on the machine. There is on in the Silicondust Development forum by svenm that will only respond to Silicondust devices so it will not interfere with your other network devices.

2) Create a network bridge. This will allow the HDHomeRun to grab an ip from the router.

Also, it does not need to be a crossover cable. The HDHomeRun will auto crossover.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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