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I wonder if there are any large screen TVs that have outputs to drive some speakers and a sub woofer. I have had an INTEGRA DTR 6.3 receiver with Energy speakers/10" sub woofer for some 20 years, but for the last 10 or so, since we moved to a new house and switched from analog cable to DISH and later DTV, it has been seating idle, as it became a bit too complicated to operate.

I am contemplating what to do with the equipment, and since the 50" TV is already 10 years old, I would consider replacing it if there was one capable of driving the speakers directly. I know it is a far fetch thought, but I recall, many years ago, having a tube RCA TV that had L/R (5W?) speaker outs. So I wonder if currently, any manufacturers have decent large units with such outputs.
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