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Are these "old model" TY DVDs equivalent to the currently preferred TY lines?

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A few years back when I started DVD recording, I had purchased a couple of 50 packs of DVDs of what seemed to be better brands, in case I ever wanted to archive something more safely.

Well now I'd like to. Think I got the brands right, but I've seen here that the specific line within the brand is important, as well as rated speed.

Would anyone be able to tell me anything about these old DVDs?

The label on the TY 50pk apparently is printed by or for the reseller CDW. Besides a date in April 2006, it says Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R 50 Disk, no mention of Silver, etc.

Only the topmost disc has a black print on white label with multilanguage : "CAUTION: New Standard 8x Speed DVD-R", and warns to use only in 8x compliant drives.

The reseller website describes the item as:

. Taiyo Yuden DVD-R Media (50 Pack) 8X DVD-R Media x 50

. Mfg. Part: DVD-R47ZZSB8**|**CDW Part: 671116**|

. **UNSPSC: 43202003 Taiyo Yuden

. *This product was discontinued as of Wednesday, November 01, 2006.

Mac based media info utilities aren't very detailed

. Toast says Manufacturer ID: TYG02, Write Speed 8x,16x

. DVD Media Inspector only shows TYG02


Less of a chance here (as 16x maybe they'd be better for data) but also back in '06 had purchased a Verbatim 16x Made in Taiwan DVD-R retail pack at BestBuy. No mention of DataLifePlus or Life on label, just Manufacturer Part # 95101 and "Advanced Azo" The code is apparently MCCRG20, or MCC 03 RG20.


Thank you for any info.
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I can't speak to the old Tys, but "advanced AZO" is what you want in the Verbs.
Your "old" TYs are the "premium" 8x version preferred by most of us for DVD recorder use. The actual finish (silver lacquer, white printable, watershield) is insignificant, the "TY02" identification and 8x rating are the key specs.

Your Verbatims were made and sold when Verbatim was on the cusp of its idiotic co-production arrangement with the gruesome CMC conglomerate. At that early stage, its more likely your pack was made directly by a "genuine" Verbatim factory and not CMC. At some point in 2006 compatibility issues arose with CMC/Verbatim 16x media, so theres a small possibility your discs may be dicey when used in older DVD recorders. Odds are they're fine, if they do give you trouble in a standalone recorder just set them aside for use in your Mac where they should burn with no problems. AZO CMC-Verbatims rarely give difficulties when used in PCs or Macs but do occasionally fail in DVD recorders. The very newest non-AZO Verbatims are re-labeled pure CMC garbage that have nothing whatever to do with the original Verbatim specs, they are made exclusively for big retailers who pressured Verbatim to lower their prices for weekend blowout sales.
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I still have a few Verbatim AZO 16X Inkjet Printable DVD-R discs of 2005 manufacture on hand. These are Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation discs, MCC 03RG20, made in Taiwan. Here are a few photos:

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The first photo shows the original Taiyo Yuden 8x Premium Line DVD-R spindle wrapper and insert at the left and the current JVC/Taiyo Yuden 8x Premium Line DVD-R spindle wrapper and insert at the right.

The second photo shows a TY 8x Premium Line DVD-R TYG02 disc at the upper left, a TY 16x DVD-R TYG03 disc at the lower left, a Verbatim AZO 16x DVD-R MCC 03RG20 disc at the lower right and the Verbatim spindle insert at the upper right.

I use 8x TY Premium Line DVDs in all my Magnavox, Philips and Panasonic HDD/DVD recorders and DVD recorders. I use 16x TY and Verbatim DVDs in my duplicator and computers.

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Thanks so much for the detail CitiBear. I'm glad I have at least the 50 pk of premium 8x TYs for my project. Very interesting. I do remember the periodic Verbatim price blowouts starting at that time. (I also have vague recollections of rumored "sale" priced TY counterfeits supposedly sold from less trustworthy online sources.)

Appreciate the photos DigaDo (great backgrounds too) The code and outer label both match the Verbatim discs. The TY discs appear identical, other than the wrapper label. I actually have used - and like - the Verbatim 16x in my computer - but since I started spindle cleaning my Panasonic DVD recorder, I lately haven't had to extract and re-burn video from unfinalized/corrupted DVD-Rs

kjbawc Good to hear re Advanced Azo. I found a few even older (2004) 8x Verbatim in jewel cases.

I hope someday I can contribute something other than a question to this great forum. Thanks again.
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