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I went through what some call due diligence (all the homework that has to be done before you write a cheque for $8000 which is pretty much what 65inch and a progressive scan dvd player complete with delivery intallation and ISF FULL (included the removal of the reflective outer screen) calibration after 300 hrs of breakin during the better part of 2000, with the purchase and delivery in OCT 2000.

It was an early adopter time and I was scared to death to make a mistake so I spoke to lots of people including ISF calibrators before making my choice.

I still have a passing interest in all this stuff as I now have friends ready to take the plunge, (at significant savings to what I spent) so I continue to read the plethora of Mags devoted to HT.

All of this preamble was to say how disappointed I was to read about an RPTV faceoff in HomeTheatre Magazine (FEB). It shows pictures of what reminds me of bringing the wagons in a circle before an attack of rptv evaluators.

From what I can see, the lighting sucks, there's all kinds of distractions and I can't for the life of me see how an enlightened observation can be given based on how these products were tested.

As far as I'm concerned it was a disgrace paricularly given the name of the publication. Then again maybee I don't know what I'm talking about and this is the way all electronics that we buy gets tested these days.

Anyway, if your in the market for an RPTV this year my suggestion is do alot of checking, particularly with the ISF community which has to calibrate them and are in the best position to evaluate them IMHO.

Peter m.

PS: I am not affiliated with any company or organization in the Home Electronics industry, I'm just a regular consumer who wants reliable advice.

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Here is a comment about that article from another thread, I agree with Mike, he pretty much sums up the article better than I could,

Originally posted by Mfusick
If you read the article and think for a minute- You come to the conclusion that:

#1.) The author of the article is an idiot.

#2.) The calibrator of the sets was more of an idiot

#3.) The judges were ordinary folks predisposed to higher less accurate greyscales, SVM, and brighter images- not correct color temp, high contrast, or great black levels.

#4.) Some TV's were calibrated, and others were not! Unfair!

The article was not informative and very biased.

Home Theater Magazine remains my least favorite magazine- Now three years running.

I am still a subscriber-- But- When I compare the quality of the writing, the articles, the information..... to other (great) Home theater magazines like PerfectVision, Stereophile Guide to Hometheater, Widescreen Review, or Sound and Vision...... The dearth of quality in Hometheater Magazine becomes readily apparent to me!

I would not recommend Hometheater Magazine anymore than consumer Reports.

I actually thought that the consumer reports article was better done than the Hometheater Magazine.


The article placed the Hitachi #3- But claimed it did not have a service menu and could not be calibrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!


Clowns at the magazine- Clowns writing and calibrating.

Silliest thing I ever read- When I read that!

That's why I made my comment above. They also placed the Sony LCD Grand Wega 60" 2cnd place......huh????? They must be crazy!

And then claimed that the Hitachi could not be calibrated- so the only tweak they did to it was lower the contrast in the user menu.... LOL... ha ha ha--WTF?

I could not believe it when I read that!

I was like "input + power" = Service menu.....

Could not calibrate.....??????

They claimed several other popular models could not be calibrated also...

They should have been more clear and said "The author and calibrator know very little about RTPV's, calibration, and picture quality--- and the judges don't know what a good picture looks like either--- Basically we just hooked-up 10 bigscreens turned them on... and judged.....


Don't give to much credit to that magazine or that article....

It was worst than the first one....and the author of the article clearly has no clue.
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