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Are you watching your HD DVD's on a 1080P TV?

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Not I.

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Yes. Qualia.

Yes, the picture is exceptional.
1280x720p here.. but the player is at 1080i. Look terrific on a good old AE500. Can't imagine what it look like on a 1080p projector...
I guess you can call it that.

Toshiba 72HM195. It's a wobulated DLP but like Jeff said, "the picture is exceptional".

Plus I sometimes move the player to my 720 projector for the big screen effect.
Which do you favor more Paul? The Toshiba or your projector?
No, and the picture is exceptional. Output from my XA1 1080i via HDMI to HDMI>DVI adapter to Sony 57" RP 1080i HDTV.

I'm waiting until:

1- 1080p TV's can actually actually accept 1080p input (yeah, I know there's a few; I mean commonly accept 1080p input)

2- They sort out HDMI - HDMI 1.1 is "dead"? I never went through numerous versions of HDCP compliant DVI. Software version upgrades are easy; hardware version upgrades mean more stuff for the landfill.
i'm watching it on a Sony KE32TS2, which has an 852x1024 interlaced ALIS plasma panel (1000:1 contrast ratio). It displays 1080i natively by cropping some of the lines from the top and bottom. Obviously i'm not getting the full resolution horizontally, and close up it shows the limitations of my screen (dotty blacks and aliasing due to the limited horizontal resolution), sat back it looks pretty good, better than any 720p LCD i've seen.
I have a XA-1 hooked up to my 60" Sony SXRD through HDMI...the picture is fantastic!!!
HD-A1 via HDMI to Sony 60" SXRD.

Stunning picture, but I STILL have the SXRD green blob issue, even after three sets (and four optical blocks). :mad: Another story for another thread, which I've already told.

HD-A1 input gives the best HD input my set has ever seen. Better than all of Cablevision's HD channels that I'm getting via a Cablecard, and much better than upconverted DVD.
HD-A1 connected via HDMI to Sony 60" SXRD...PQ is stunning!

Watched Training Day last night and it was amazing (even the slightly out of focus nude scene with Eva Mendes!) :)
Yes ,Sony G90's. Faroudja 5000 deinterlaces 1080i to 1080p fed then via RGB to projectors.

Yes. Sony Qualia 004 with the projector doing the deinterlacing. In a word: spectacular.

[email protected]>Mitsubishi 73927 1080p DLP=Crisp, Excellent, AWESOME PICTURE!! :D
No. I am using a Panasonic 900 720p front projector with excellent results!
Not here. I"m using the A1 with a Benq 7700 with outstanding returns. I'll wait for 1080P until Art upgrades someday, and offers his G-90's at firesale prices:)
HDA1-->Denon 2807(multichannel PCM)-->VP30 scaler(takes off some overscan)-->Samsung 6168.

Excellent picture on my 1080P set.
Sony Ruby at 1080p. 1080i de-interlaced to 1080p by Gennum VXP scaler (Anthem D2). Spectacular!
Originally Posted by Blasst
Which do you favor more Paul? The Toshiba or your projector?
That's a tough one to answer. I think the toshiba definitely shows more detail but I like movies to be on a BIG screen. As of right now, I have it on the toshiba for the sole reason that my teenage kids can access it when they have friends over. I am really trying to wait until 2G comes out but I may just buy another one for the theater.
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