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This was not getting much play under "Construction":

I have a very unique opportunity to input to correspond with the people responsible for the "bells & whistles" that will be provided with my groups suite at the new American Airlines Center. I would very much like to hear the thoughts of others about how to make this truly unique.

A brief description of the layout would 25'X 15' rectangle with the 4th wall missing & open to view play. The primary 12 seats are out front of the room portion.

Preliminary plans include a computer in each Suite & there is talk of Wall hanging (plasma I presume?) monitors on each wall perpindcular to the Court/Ice.

I am pressing for the inclusion of a live audio feed from the court/ice but not quite sure of how this could best be accomplished. What sound format would be best? I would also like the option on live network audio, as would all those who intend to have children present. Some tactile transducers would add greatly to the interactiveness but I would like to hear more thoughts & opinions.

I don't know much about the computer aspect & possibilites of this but found this interesting link below concerning Madison Square Garden.

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