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ARGH! (DS related)

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Went shopping with the wife for various items in the mall and she noticed the DS display at EB. She asked how much better it was than the son's GB SP and I explained the dual screen, new game possibilities, mentioned he can still use all his games etc etc... I see her eyes light up and the words I feared came out:

"He'll love getting this for Christmas".

No DS for me.. ahem him until XMas!
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No, you mean no DS for your son until Xmas! ;)

You can enjoy it in the meantime, and little Franky will be delighted to see it Xmas morning, all crusty and used by you. :)
Frank, splain how important it is to break these devices in so that he will achieve gaming nirvana immediately on Christmas morning :D
i'm trying to reserve about 5 that i can flip onto ebay. i hear a big shortage is expected, hope so w00t.
I'll put money down that there will be no shortage, takers?
Originally posted by ileff
i'm trying to reserve about 5 that i can flip onto ebay. i hear a big shortage is expected, hope so w00t.

I personally think you should let those that want a DS get one rather than taking what would be someone's game system and sell it on ebay. I know that I, as a gamer, would be upset if I didn't get a DS this year because the guy before me got one and is selling it on ebay. Maybe its just a hangup for me, but as someone who is very much looking forward to the upcoming DS, I just wouldn't want to stand in the way of anyone else getting one.

Nintendo said there would be a million systems out before the end of the year....while I don't see there being a shortage problem like there was with the PS2 launch, I do see some areas having high demand and low supply for DS systems.
The term you're looking for is "Scalper". I used to collect toys (well, I still buy alot of 12" GI Joe type figures to clutter up my walls), and thats the term you use for someone who tries to create a false demand for a product. You know....cherry-pick the box in the back room and then sell it on ebay as "RARE" and "HARD TO FIND" at 4x the cost.

I would imagine, considering Nintendos so-so Gamecube sales in the states (certainly of late with their big-name game releases being few and far between) that Nintendo would, if anythihng, over-produce.

Its sony I can see limiting production of PSP to create the aura of "Insane demand that they can't keep up production". Nintendo has more ethics I think...and will produce as fast as they can.

I, however, don't necessarily think that DS's will be flying off the shelves..if only because the GBA isn't that old, and is still a viable system.

I could be wrong :)
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