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Artec t14a, gets many less channels than my Fusion PCI Tuner?

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I had a faulty tuner that didn't recognize any channels at all. So after many frustraing hours I sent it back for replacement. I decided to install it on my HTPC before my laptop to verify it worked properly. Everything installed OK and this tuner did find digital ATSC channels in my area. However, I can receive 21 digital channels using My fusion PCI tuner card but only 10 with the Artec and of those 10 only 2 are major network, ABC and CBS. No Fox, CBS, WB PBS, UPN that I can get on my Fusion Tuner. The ones I do get have voice sync problems that people have mentioned on the main forum. I used the software that came with the tuner and also tried the latest from the Manufacturers WEB sit. No Change. Has anyone seen this limited channel scan problem? Is there a way I can manually scan for a specific channel. I browsed the very long main Artec T14a forum but didn't see this mentioned. However I may have missed it, it was a lot of reading.
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Try WatchHDTV, it'll let you manually enter channel numbers. I use Windows Media Center. It doesn't really scan for channels, instead it just inserts all the channel data based on your zip code. I also have a FusionHDTV II. I find the Artec to be more sensitive with weak signals and multipath. Although, you probably have a newer FusionHDTV.
I have a Fusion HDTV Gold 5 tuner card and it's quite sensitive.

When I was trying to get the first faulty T14a to work on my laptop, I tried installing "WatchHDTV" an number of times. It kept getting an error that said I needed to contact Microsoft. You know the standard verbiage. I have MCE 2005 on the laptop and don't know if it's conflicting with "WatchHDTV". No one on this forum seemed to have an idea what was causing it either. My next step is going to be load it on the laptop and try to scan using MCE 2005. I think MCE only checks for available channels in my area, but doesn't actually store them. I may be mistaken here as I wasn't able to get my original T14a to work at all.

Is there a fix yet for the audio out of sync problem.
I haven't experienced any out of sync audio problems. But, setup with MCE was easy. But, for some reason, MCE thinks the Artec also has an analog tuner... I find that if I tune to those analog channels, MCE will not work without a restart. (conveniently, when the tuner setup ends it defaults on the lowest analog channel.) So, I tuned to a digital channel and removed all the analog channels from the guide, leaving all the 1xxx channels in place. Then, I restarted.
atperson100, Thanks for the heads up regarding MCE.

Do you have a clue or anyone else for that matter, no why I can't get WatchHDTV to work on my laptop. As I said in my previous post, Windows keeps telling me there is a problem with the program when I try to launch it and shuts it down. I've tried different downloads and reinstalls, with the same results.
To get WatchHDTV to work, I just installed the drivers from the CD. Downloaded the WatchHDTV zip file... Executed it... And added some channels. It just worked out of the box. Have you tried completely uninstalling your drivers? I thought I heard somewhere that the Artec does not play well with other tuners.
Does WatchHDTV have to have drivers from a tuner card to work? Or can it be used as a standalone HTDV player? Also, is WatchHDTV really considered as a tuner or just a player. Because I couldn't install it, I'm not real sure what the interface looks like.
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