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Artison RCC-300 vs Triad Slimsub

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Lookin for pros and cons of each.

I am running the following in-wall system: 3 Triad Bronze/4 LCRs and 2 Triad Bronze/4 Surrounds. I have it narrowed down to two different subs: Artison RCC 300 or Triad Slimsub/4. I plan on putting in two subs with a single amp driving both of them. I would be using the in-wall enclosure, so the subs are both enclosed systems.

I have no dealers inside of a 2 hour drive, so I am trying to get some good opinions on thoughts from other users out there. Here is what I currently have:

Artison Pros:

* Better overall range than Triad

* Unique design for vibration cancellation

* Cost

Triad Pros:

* Matches existing system, so aesthetics would look better

* Tonal qualities probably better overall with Triad LCR and Triad Surrounds

Any other thoughts out there to help resolve my dilemma?
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Satisfy yourself and make the two hour drive.
I found your room layout PDF and I would like to suggest the following Artison system for your theater:

1 pr. Masterpeice LCR/IW

1 pr. LRS/IW Surrounds

2 ea. RCC300 Subwoofer Modules

2 ea. RCC300 Back Boxes

1 ea. RCC300 Subwoofer Amplifier

MSRP on this system would be $5,975. The DualMono Masterpeice LCR IW would be one array on either side of your flat panel you have in your system. The LRS/IW could be mounted in the locations marked in your PDF and for the subwoofers I would place one on the front wall by the TV and one on the opposing back wall.

Also regarding the subwoofer, each RCC-300 module is the equivalent of a conventional 10" round woofer. Two RCC-300 subs in the room is the equivalent of a 13" woofer. The additional benefits of the two sub setup is combat room eigenmodes and you will have more than enough SPL to cover the listening area.

This would be a great Artison system for that room. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your consideration,

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