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I offered these three Sierras for sale in December of last year and was surprised they didn't sell immediately. By the time a buyer came forward I'd simply decided to keep them. Now, after a lot of handwringing, I'm offering them again.

I'm the original owner. I bought them new in 2008. They have always lived in my rather dark, smoke-free, pet-free TV room. The dark cherry gloss finish is unblemished and the speakers are absolutely like new, cosmetically and functionally. New from Ascend these three will cost $1,450 (I paid $1,340 in 2008). My price of $850 is nearly 40% off so, please, no low-ball offers.

If you've come to this page you know about the Sierra-1s, so there's no need for me to copy and paste a lot of information from the Ascend website. These three gems out-perform anything I've owned in the past and the bamboo cabinets “rap” like they're solid blocks of hardwood. And, they're beautiful! Of course the three are timber-matched perfectly so, for home theater or surround music, pans across the front are perfect. I listen to music in two-channel, with and without the subwoofer, and soundstage and imaging are rock-solid.

Shipping from central Arkansas will be at the buyer's expense and will be in the original Ascend shipping cartons. Paypal add 3%. I will ship when payment clears my bank.

I've listed the three stands - two VTI 29” RF29s and one VTI 19” DF19. These stands look great with the Sierras and are rock-solid, substantial steel units with screw-in spiked feet if needed. You can add sand for more weight but I never saw the need. They are heavy! I paid $165 for them but I'm selling them for $75 for all three. Shipped from Arkansas will be at the buyer's expense and will be in the original shipping cartons.

I don't do much on-line selling anymore but you can check my eBay account, barham2004, to see my 100% rating on 115 transactions.

All Three for $850 (+shipping & Paypal fees)

Read more: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/classifieds-speakers-subwoofers/73906-ascend-sierra-one-lcr.html#ixzz2wJkPsqns
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