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Ascendent Audio Avalanche

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Short question for the people who wish not to read...is the Avalanche a good sub for home audio application? I know Ascendent was originally a Home Audio company before they got into the car audio business.

Story is that I have a 12" Ava that I had in my car, but now I want to sell it so I can use the money for a new home audio application. So I was doing some research around the forums and found that ppl actually used the Avas in sonotubes for home installs. How is the performance of the Ava for home apps versus like the Bic-100 or the Hsu subs? Should I sell the Ava and use the money for something potentially better?
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Ascendant audio is a speaker company. They make great subs that are marketed to both car and home audio consumers. The Avalanche is a GREAT line of subs and we discuss their usage all of the time in the DIY section. Just drop in there and we can help you with all of your subwoofer design and building needs.

Thanks . I was just wondering if I should have just posted in the DIY S&S section. Ill try there thanks.
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