Welcome to a very special thread on AVS Forum, presented by Sony , which provides you the opportunity to ask any questions you like about defining high-resolution audio (HRA)—exactly what it is, how it's created, where to get it, and what gear you need to fully enjoy it.

Today, from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM Pacific time (2:00 to 3:30 PM Eastern time), tech expert Bob O'Donnell will monitor the thread during that hour and a half for your questions on this hot topic and post his answers on the spot. To get this party started, we began a [Link: pre-event thread] inviting AVS members to post questions ahead of time, and many of you responded with some great ones. Bob will begin by answering a few of those up front. Meanwhile, feel free to post your questions in the new thread— HERE —and Bob will respond to as many as he can. Of course, he will respond only to questions about how HRA is defined, not other aspects of this topic, which will be the focus of other AMAs down the road.

Because of the functionality of AVS Forum, we decided the best way to conduct the AMA is within a standard thread. This allows people to quote and search for specific posts, but it also means you'll need to reload the page often to see Bob's responses as well any new questions that are posted. Also, because of time constraints, he probably won't be able to answer every question.

In addition to getting answers about the definition of high-res audio, those who submit a question will be automatically entered to win one of two prize packages, each including a Sony NWZ-A17 portable high-res audio player and a pair of Sony MDR-1A headphones that can easily resolve high-res audio. The two winners will be selected by random drawing from among those who submit at least one question; submitting more than one question will not increase your chance of winning. The drawing and announcement of the winners will be made at the end of the live session around 12:30 PM Pacific/3:30 PM Eastern.

After the live session has ended, this thread will remain open for 48 hours, during which Bob will answer as many remaining relevant questions as he can. However, he won't respond to questions posted after the live session is over. After 48 hours, the thread will be closed. If you're confused about exactly what high-resolution audio (HRA) is, you've come to the right place. What would you like to know about the definition of high-res audio? Post your question(s) here and follow the thread in real time for the answers. For the official rules and regulations of the giveaway, [ Link: Click Here ].